Monday, July 21, 2008

Common Launguage Project

On Wednesday July 16, the Common Language Project-including Jessica Partnow, Sarah Stuteville and Alex Stonehill joined the SYEP and taught Fatuma, Autumn, Chris, Abdi, Mohammad and Bakari about their work and how to be on line jounralists.

Click Here to see the student's work.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Examples of Game Designs

These are 2 examples of game boards. "HOBO MONOPOLY" was made by Bakari and Mohammed. "Candy Adventures" was made by Fatuma and Autumn, and "Assasins" was made by Chris and Abdi. The youth worked in groups of two- 1st designing paper prototypes - the defined their own games. Goals, Overview, Rules, and Structures were defined while working with Jason during games 101 week.

SYEP at 911 Media Arts Center

Hi everyone! this summer 911 Media Arts Center has received funding to host young adults for 6 weeks.
Youth present this summer are:
Bakari Hayes, Abdi Hassan, Fatuma Asker, Autumn Donaldson, Mohammad Mohammad, Chris Chu.

We began 2.5 weeks ago on June 23. Everyday we begin a 10:00am and go until 4pm.

This program took place during the summer of 2005, it was very successful. Ethan Devalan a former employee of the center supervised the program. Three years ago the program was focused on Filmmaking. This summer we have a variety of weekly activities, some coinciding with the Next Generation Lab Summer Youth Programs.

During the 1st week students worked with Jason Corace in the Games 101 summer youth program. During the 2nd week student worked with Elizabeth Carter learning about LOG design. Each student made hand painted logos which were scanned and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator.

This week we are working towards finalizing the games developed with Jason and the logos design with Elizabeth. We are all also learning to post to these new blogs about our experiences so they won't be fogotten.